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Which used cars have lowest insurance costs?


Which used cars have lowest insurance costs?

Car insurance costs have hit their highest level ever, according to the Association of British Insurers, which represents most of the big companies in the sector.

A ‘triple whammy’ of tax rises, spiralling repair bills and continued higher costs of meeting whiplash claims is being blamed by the ABI for pushing premiums up to their highest-ever level. Its figures put the average premium paid in the last three months of 2016 at £462 - that’s nearly five per cent more than the previous all-time high, which was seen back in 2012.

Between 2013 and 2016, it’s estimated that the average repair bill covered by insurance claims shot up by a third, and by the third quarter of the latter year, it had reached £1,678. Rising spares costs and the ever-more complex nature of the cars we drive were blamed for the hike.

All this could be grim news for motorists, especially those who might be thinking of upgrading their car over the next few months.

But fear not - while the threat of higher insurance costs lurks in the background, Philip Paul is on hand to help you keep a lid on the amount you pay, by suggesting a number of cars from the lowest insurance groups which you could put on your shortlist when you come to see us.

Choose Wisely - Prune Your Premiums

The release of these frightening figures led to the publication of a raft of articles giving drivers ideas about what they might be able to cut the cost of their insurance - one of the biggest elements of every vehicle’s running costs.

And while this is the case, lots of drivers simply don’t factor their insurance costs into their calculations when working out how much they can afford to spend on their next car.

Yet at Philip Paul, we help all of our customers make sure that there aren’t any nasty surprises lurking on their path to owning their next car, by including insurance groupings prominently in all the details we put on our website.

With this in mind, we present here a list of some of the cars in the lowest insurance groups which we have sold in the past, and regularly carry among our large stocks.


Insurance group - 1

We recently had in stock a 2009 model of this popular small runaround, which had an amazingly low mileage for its age of around 38,600. The car - which was built on the same platform as the Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo - also costs just £20 a year to tax, and according to owners who have posted their views on, regularly achieves economy of above 50mpg. To top it off, it falls into the lowest Group 1 insurance bracket, so if you want something small and nippy which keeps the brake on day-to-day costs, there’s very little which will touch it. Andy Enright, writing on, praises it for being “stylish, simple and effortless, form and function in perfect harmony wherever you look”.


Insurance group - 3

If you prefer a car with the extra practicality of five doors, then this small hatchback from Skoda ticks all the boxes. Added to the fact that it’ll seat four in comfort, and they’ll find it easy to get in and out, you’ll find this 2009 model Fabia has lots to recommend it. You’ll pay just £30 a year to tax it - but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on creature comforts. Auto Express said that this Fabia “builds on the quality of the previous model by offering better fit and finish, but it adds some much-needed flair, too.” They added: “With lots of low-rev punch, it's a gutsy performer.”


Insurance group - 1

When Volkswagen launched the Up! into the city car market in 2009, there was plenty at stake, with Honest John calling it “one of the most important cars Volkswagen has launched in recent years”. But the ingenuity of the packaging of this car, and its sister models, the Skoda Citigo and SEAT Mii, won over plenty of fans, with plenty of room for four inside, and headroom for all but the tallest drivers. Honest John was among the many reviewers who noted that the Up! felt like a bigger car from behind the wheel, and he summed up the car’s main attributes as being “easy to drive, with a characterful engine sound, smooth gear change and light steering.”


Insurance group - 4

The newest model on our list, this British-designed car is completely new from the ground up, and so doesn’t have any associations with the ‘bad old days’ of the MG marque from its time as a state-owned company. Lots of equipment you’d expect to find in newer cars, such as Bluetooth, USB connectivity and DAB radio, are present and correct in even the entry-level model. Also, the new owners of the MG brand have put considerable effort into expanding their dealer network in recent years, so you should be able to get qualified advice and support to help keep you on the move. The MG3’s handling came in for praise, too, the Honest John team saying: “It's well damped and poor road conditions rarely intrude, while it's more than capable of gripping well in tighter corners if you do decide to press on. In short, it's fun, without being too challenging.” In this top-of-the-range model, the spec even includes ritzy touches such as rear parking sensors, LED daytime running lights, and air-con.

How Else Can You Trim Your Insurance Costs?

Opt for a ‘black box’ policy: This is the most commonly-used way of keeping premiums at a reasonable level. It will involve having your driving electronically monitored, and this will be taken account of in what you pay.

And with prices rising by nearly five per cent in a single quarter, according to the ABI’s latest figures, if you’re offered such a policy, it could be worth taking. But bear in mind that you could find that your on-road behaviour results in higher premiums in future years.

Use as many comparison websites as you can: It’s the accepted way of getting new car insurance quotes these days - but you’d be surprised how many people think it’s too much hassle, and so stick with the company they’re with. You can also use several comparison websites, as many don’t include quotes from some of the biggest insurers, and has even come up with a formula for using multiple comparison sites designed to fish out the best deals, and has a special tips guide for young drivers to help them find the best deals. Just make sure you’re sitting comfortably before you start, and don’t expect to find the best deal straight away.

Add an older relative to your policy: But beware of making them your main driver. Such a tactic, known as ‘fronting’ is illegal - but it doesn’t mean that having a parent or other experienced driver is a complete no-no, provided they’re reasonably likely to drive the car quite regularly. But if you’re going to be the main driver, you must say so, otherwise it’s a criminal offence, and your cover could be cancelled.

Go for a car with an alarm/immobiliser: Provided the device is approved by vehicle security regulatory body Thatcham Research, this should help cut your costs.

Have somewhere safe to leave your car: A garage or driveway are always best, as using either will greatly cut the risk of your car being accidentally damaged. So insurers always look on you more favourably if your car is off the road when it isn’t being used.

If you cover lower than average mileage, tell your insurer: Most quotes are based on an annual mileage of 10,000, which over several years has been found to be about typical for most drivers. If you do less than this, saying so - but also giving an accurate estimate of how many you’ll cover - can bring your premium down.

Take the official ‘PassPlus’ course: This course, run by the Driving Standards Agency, is designed to make young drivers more confident in a range of situations which aren’t covered by the standard test, such as motorways and night driving. Some insurers will reward drivers who have taken it with a lower premium.

Pay your premium ‘up front’: The high interest rates some insurers slap on if you want to pay by instalments can add insult to injury for young drivers - especially if your quote is not far off what you paid for the car! Interest rates of 15 to 20 per cent aren’t rare, making them roughly the same as if you’d paid by credit card, so try to pay your premium in one go. You could borrow the cash from a bank for a lower rate, so saving you at least some costs in interest.

Drive a good deal on a low-insurance used car by coming to see us at Philip Paul Oswestry. We aim to stock a variety of cars to suit all budgets and needs, so take a look at our current stocks, then don’t hesitate to visit us and let us arrange a test drive.